Senin, 29 Mei 2017

Speech The Importance of Tax and its Relation with the Independence of the Nation.

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahhi Wabarakatuh

Good morning and best wishes to all of us.
Dear Mrs. Dini Zulfany, M.Pd. as a lecturer of English language tutors. And happy friends.
First of all let us praise the presence of Allah SWT because of the blessings of His mercy and His grace we can gather in this place in good healt.
Thank you for the opportunity that has been given to me on this sunny day. On this occasion I will invite all of us to know the importance of tax and its relation with the independence of the nation.
Ladies and Gentlemen, State revenue depends on tax receipts. This is due to the depletion of natural resources owned by the State such as oil and natural gas. About 75% of State revenues are directly donated from tax revenues. Although there are tax revenues, there are not many SOE's profits and foreign grants.
Ladies and Gentlemen, If we talk about tax then we will find the term in tax is tax ratio. Tax ratio is always used to determine the success rate of tax revenue in a country. Tax ratio shows the comparison between tax revenue with gross domestic product (GDP). In macroeconomic studies it is believed that the tax ratio is directly proportional to the level of independence of a nation. The greater the tax revenue of a State the more independent the nation will be.
Independent here is defined as the ability of a State to finance its expenditure using its own funds without being tied outside funds (foreign debt). In 2012 tax ratio in Indonesia reached 12.3% even in the last five years Indonesia has not reached 14% tax ratio. Yet the poorer countries of Indonesia have already surpassed 14%. What is it about our beloved country? Ladies and Gentlemen, there are two main reasons why people are reluctant to pay taxes. The first cause, "Why pay me tax?" This question often comes to mind. Many people still think that taxes are a tribute to the authorities. This is because Indonesia has a historical record of the kingdom. Many still think that the tax is the transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the ruler of the State. This opinion is very wrong. Tax is a form of citizen participation in development. If the heroes first struggled with the use of bamboo spikes, then in today we can struggle with paying taxes for a better Indonesia. Lack of public participation in paying taxes is also due to at least people who feel directly the development of the tax. If the government-driven development is felt or felt by all Indonesian people such as road construction, free education up to the highest level, free medical treatment in hospitals, bridge construction, etc., this will increase the public's passion to pay tax. Well, to state the results of these developments, of course the government needs funds, the funds from taxes paid by the public as taxpayers. So this relationship is actually like a circle that is interconnected with each other.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the second cause is the tax system in Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia uses a self-assessment system that places the taxpayer as an active party in performing its tax obligations. In this system taxpayers are given the freedom to calculate, pay and report on their own income they receive in one month to the tax office. In this case, small traders, private individuals and MSME's with minimal tax knowledge, they must divide their time between trading and reporting their monthly tax obligations. Although the Directorate General of Taxation has conducted socialization on the implementation of tax obligations, but still this takes up their time. It may be necessary to make a new breakthrough in the tax payment system for the perpetrators of MSME's. Because most of them are not unwilling but do not understand how to pay taxes.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to be aware that tax is the national pride. Because if a resident of a State is reluctant to pay taxes, so do foreigners who live in that country. This nation is unlikely to depend its fate on foreign debt. Not only the hassle of paying the interest of the debt but behind it there is a political interest. Ideally, the cost of development in a country should be financed by the people of the country through tax payments. This is why the tax is said to be the nation's self-esteem. Since the tax as a nation's self-esteem, should every taxpayer feel proud after performing his obligations to the state. Every taxpayer is a real development hero.
Ladies and gentlemen, the speech I can convey, hopefully with this speech can make us aware of the importance of taxes for the independence of the nation and can increase our spirit to fight for Indonesia through the taxes we pay. If there are attitudes and words that are less deigned in heart, I apologize.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Hay everyone, meet again on my blog. This time I will discuss about business. Do you like business? And have you ever thought, what business will you develop in the future ?. Let's discuss about future business. And here, my future business.
The future business I will do is, I want to set up a restaurant. Where I will create a comfortable atmosphere but also instagramable, I will also present unique foods from different countries such as japan, india, korea and also indonesia, which of course is cooked and handled directly by chef who come from each and Also the most important they must be professional. Let's discuss, the menu that I might put into the menu in my restaurant later. 

1.      The first, the japanese food menu. Of course I will present the menu Japanese food that popular among the community, example:
* Shusi
* Ramen
* Moci
* Dorayaki
* Yakiniku
* Onigiri
* Okonomiyaki
* Takoyaki

2.         Next, my Korean food will serve a very special meal and of course for example:
* Ramyeon
* Tteobbokki
* Sashimie
* Jhapchay
* Kimchi
* Kimbab
* Jjajang myeon
* Bibimbap
* Bulgogi 

And some light meals for example:
* Bungeoppang
* Odeng
* Tteokbokki
* Gyeranppang
* Bbopki 

3.      Then Indian food, i want to serve snacks typical india like :
* Ladoo
* Gulab jamun
* Samosa
* Masala
* Pakora
* Sin
* Jalebi 

4.      And last of course, The most delicious for us that is typical Indonesian food. Where I will serve food typical of 34 Provinces in Indonesia. In the menu as follows:
* Gudek
*  Dendeng
* Mie Aceh
* Bika ambon
* Rendang
* Gulai ikan patin
* Pendap
* Gulai belacan
* Otak-otak
*  Mie bangka
* Kerak telor
* Gudek
* Meatballs
* Sate
* Fried rice
* Soto banjar
* Kepiting soka
* Gado gado
* Ayam taliwang
* Bubut pedas
* Papeda

 And other typical food. And also special drink menu special beverages Indonesia, such as:
* Cendol
* Bajigur
* Skoteng
* Es teler
* Selendang mayang
* Ice doger
* Wedang
* Cincau
* Lemon tea
* Tea
* Coffee
* Cappucino
* and various fruit juices and some other beverages.

Okay, enough until here my explanation of future business I want to do, apologize if there is a word or my language is wrong and can not be understood. Hopefully useful. For his attention I say thank you.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Expo Pendidikan

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb
Hello guys, this time I will tell you the activities that I did on may 9, 2017. That time I visited the Education Expo in the Auditorium of the University of tanjungpura. The education expo was held in order to commemorate Dies Natalis Untan ke-58. This Education Expo was held on 8-10 May 2017. There I visited some booths. From some of the booths that displayed onexhibition, I get the following information:

1.         From booth  UPT Bahasa. Here exhibited some books. Among them are TOEFL book, Japanese, Korean, TUTEP, TOEIC and others.

2.         From MAPALA booth  (Student Nature Lovers) Tanjungpura University. Exhibited some camping equipment, such as tents, jackets, bags, and there are also some award plaques obtained by MAPALA students of Tanjungpura University.

3.         From stand Faculty of Forestry University Tanjungpura. Exhibited some animals that have been preserved such as snakes, frogs and others. Not only the preserved animals contained in this stand, here also there is one animal that is still alive and interesting to see the flying squirrel. This stand also showcased some award plaques obtained by students of the forest faculty of Tanjungpura University.

4.         From Amcor booth  (American Corner) Tanjungpura University. Exhibited some collection of books and some games. There is also a background for visitors who want to capture the moment there. The committee requested for visitors who have photos in this stand to upload their photos and have been awarded prizes for the winners.

5.         From booth MIPA University Tanjungpura. Exhibited several species of animals that have been preserved some of them there are fish, mice, snakes, frogs, crabs and others. There also showcased some robot work of MIPA students of Tanjungpura University.

6.         From Booth Magister FKIP Tanjungpura University. Where here is composed of chemistry, physics and biology. There exhibited research materials, atomic models, posters about the benefits of various fruits. And at this stand the committee has also provided tools to check blood type and blood pressure for the visitors and this is free of charge.

7.         From the statistics study (studio data Untan). Here the committee provides photo studio services. Where the committee has provided a camera, attributes, and also a very beautiful decoration for visitors who want to capture the moment together. 5x shots indebt with Rp 5.000,-

This is all I can tell you, if any wrong words apologize. May be useful. Thanks.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb