Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask An Expert

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Hay guys…… !!!!!

How are you ? is it good ? I hope you guys both just fine. This time, we will discuss topics about “ Ask An Expert “. This time I interviewed an entrepreneur in the field of culinary. She making her hobby into a profitable business. Ie someone who has expertise in making a birthday cake. Here are some of the conversations that we do.

Me       : Okay, Please introduce yourself briefly?

Melati  : My name is Melati Sukma, I am twenty-two years old. I have graduated from Senior High scholl number 1 of Sungai Pinyuh. My current address in the Galang village , district Sungai Pinyuh. Currently I'm trying to do business in the field of culinary, his right I received a birthday cake orders.

Me       : How did you originally could make a birthday cake?

Melati : Initially I was just helping my neighbors in making cakes for Eid, after I saw the drafting process, I started trying to make my own, and it turned out I could. Actually, I really like to cook. At that time, I tried to make a cake for my friend's birthday, though not too confident with the results of the cake that I made, I realize it without other people like a birthday cake that I made it. From that moment on i started taking orders for birthday cakes.

Me       : What are the difficulties you face in this business?

Melati : The difficulty is to model and shape of the cake that the message, some times I can not make a model according to which the buyer expected. However, after I learned, I now began adept at creating a model for the order. And Alhamdulillah cake orders that I received already a lot.

Me       : What are your expectations for this business?

Melati  : I hope in the future I could have the better tools for baking, because the tools are adequate then the cake I made insaya'Allah will be great, and satisfy customers. And I hope my business can be more successful in the future and may be known by many people.

That was the result of my interview with someone who has expertise in baking. From these interviews, the lessons can I take is no matter how difficult as any problem we face keep trying to find a way out. Never give up, keep trying and learning to achieve what we wanted. Our success is not in the hands of others, but that are in our own hands. And have a job that corresponds to what we enjoy doing it to be more fun is not it? Discover our success right now, do not wait for tomorrow, day after tomorrow, or later. Because time is money, then the best possible use of our time.
Okay I think that’s all I can share for you. Thank you also for your time to read my post today, see you in my next post again guys. I’m sorry if there is a wrong word, may be useful. :)

 Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without Parents

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Hello guys, welcome to my blog. I hope you are not bored to read my blog. Hehehe
Now we will discuss about "I Can't Imagine Life Without Parents "
Can you imagine how difficult our life if there are no parents? Oh no, I've never imagined it. I don't know how my life without parents. If my life is without parents then I probably will become a man who is less virtuous, can it be said without them I was disabled heart and soul. How my condition may not there will be people who will care about it if the parents direct into kindness. My life may not necessarily direction. And I don't know what should I do if my life without parents. Because me parents are everything, they're the ones that soothe me when I'm restless, teach to walk, and remove to water my eyes if I cry.  Instill a life which is immoral. Then without them my life is like a container that is empty. Not having a purpose in life.
At this time I can only hope my parents always healthy and always in the protection of Allah SWT. Hopefully they can be together feel the success that I have achieved. So they are proud of me. Aminnnnn
This time I want to cites a message to myself “ I should always be grateful to God for has given the opportunity to can feel compassion both parents me until today. Do not ever waste our parents, for the one they always proud to us.”
The our discussion this time, sorry if there are wrong words. Hopefully useful, thank you.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Senin, 27 Maret 2017

Moral of the Story

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Welcome to my blog. This time I want to tell you about the activities of my course in particular Language courses of the British Economy. This is the story.
One morning, precisely on March 21, 2017. That morning I am getting ready to go to campus. At that time the Lecture starts at 7.30. Arriving on campus, I also follow courses of the first that is Intermediate Financial Accounting.
After completion of these courses, I continue to follow the next course, namely the English Economy. We usually lecture in american corner of Tanjungpura University. However, when I got there, the space american corner is being used and we can not use for college activities such as usually. Finally, Miss Dini direct us to the British Culture and Learning Center (BCLC) Tanjungpura University . Arriving there, we were directed to the theater room in the BCLC. And than Miss Dini gave us the task to read the books in BCLC and search moral values from a book that we read. That time I read a book titled "what's that noice?". After reading this book, I can take a silver lining, namely:
1.      Learn to people who are good at first before playing something that is not known as the fiddle. So as not interfere with peace of other people.
2.      Don't afraid of something that is not yet known, should we find out first what we fear.

That's the moral value that I get from the books I read. so this is the end of the story this time, sorry if there are wrong words. Hopefully useful.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb